Neighborhood, City, County, Legislative District

A healthy grassroots organization requires forging links between individual blocks and neighborhoods, up through cities, counties, and legislative districts. If you want to be part of expanding Pete’s grassroots support, we need volunteers ready to engage at every level.

Let us know how big an area you’re willing to watch over, and we’ll get you connected with the right people in your area!

-> Washington For Pete is an entirely VOLUNTEER organization. This is not a paid role. <-


Local Leaders are responsible for keeping other leaders up to date about what’s happening in the area you’ve volunteered to cover. If you’re covering your own neighborhood, that means letting your city leader know. If you’re the city leader, keep in touch with your county leader. If you’re covering a legislative district, keep in touch with any city and county leaders contained in your district.

The goal of a local leader is to grow and maintain connections with Pete enthusiasts in their neighborhood. Know who you can count on to come do a High Hopes dance flashmob, or phone bank for nearby states, or will help you hand out signs or host Pete-Ups and watch parties. When the time comes, call on them to do these things, and follow up with them afterwards to make sure everything went well.


  • Ensure the region is holding regular volunteer opportunities and events such as phone banks, canvassing, Pete Ups, watch parties etc.
  •  Follow Pete For America guidance on national priority tasks and events
  • Personally do public outreach to grow volunteer base
  • Contact new volunteers and assign them tasks aligning with their skills, time, and desired focus
  •  Ensure volunteers are engaging with the public to educate about Pete
  • Use the Relational Organizing tool and ensure volunteers are doing the same
  • Provide updates on local area progress to nearby leaders
  • Distribute campaign supplies strategically and fairly
  • Address questions and concerns accurately and promptly, escalating up to state team as needed