Pete Is On The Ballot In Washington!

On Monday morning our wonderful Seattle for Pete group gathered early at  Seattle’s Occidental Park and paraded over to the Washington State Democratic Party office to deliver the thousands of signatures we’ve been gathering all across the state. 

This was a 100% grassroots effort powered entirely by volunteers devoting their weekends to canvassing over the last few months. Everyone who volunteered is owed a TREMENDOUS thank you, so:


Next Up: Introducing Pete to more people, starting with the people you know! If you haven’t already, it’s time to check out Relational Organizing.

Politics is personal, and relational organizing is about intentionally building positive conversations about Pete in your circle of friends and connections. Often people trust the opinions of people they know and respect over those of a stranger or even expert. And you know what really matters to them! 

The campaign has put together this online guide to help you figure out how you want to talk about Pete, and keep track of whose ears you’ve already talked off. 😉 Check it out!