Veterans Job Fair Outreach – Tacoma

Pete brings out the introverts again – this time in Tacoma! The mini-rally was prompted by a job fair for veterans at the Tacoma Convention Center – what better place to reach fellow vets? So Barb and April, with lots of admin support from Jeanne, overcame their shyness and talked to strangers. They were joined by Megan and John, a couple of enthusiastic extroverts who set a good example. But when your subject is Pete, the words come easily.

While the rally wasn’t huge and the foot traffic wasn’t as heavy as hoped, the experience was all positive. Some folks ran over to get materials, others said they were definitely voting for him, some motorists honked and others waved. The most telling comment for the volunteers was, “Wow, you’re organized in Tacoma?!?!” Great incentive to hold more rallies, big and small.

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